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25 May 2017

Will Lowry Releases New Album

From: The Ellicottville Times 5/18/2017

Ellicottville native Will Lowry recently released a new album of original music. The album is entitled “Colours & Lines” and was recorded locally at Diamond Lake Studios.

Lowry is a guitarist, singer, and songwriter currently living in Little Valley.

Lowry’s musical career began in 1970 when his band played at local bars. The band was the “house-band” at the Telemark Restaurant. Lowry then moved to Boston, MA, where he studied classical guitar. In 1979, he recorded his first album of original music, entitled “Mystery.” Two more albums followed as he played extensively throughout the state.

“Colours & Lines” is Lowry’s fifth album and is now available locally, as well as on websites such as Amazon and CD Baby. This summer he will be featured as an “Artist in Residence” at Allegany State Park and will perform in Ellicottville on Saturday, Aug. 11. His shows frequently consist of cover songs by well known artists, interspersed with his own compositions.


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